Being Loved at Home Part 6 -Everyone Being Creative

Being Loved at Home Part 6 -Everyone Being Creative

It’s easy to get in a daily rut, isn’t it? For a lot of us it goes something like this: Get up see the kids off to School, go to work, come home, eat, sleep. Get up and do it again. Routines are good and keep order in our lives, but if we allow each day to be “just another day” life can get humdrum.

That’s where being creative comes in. Each family member being creative. What do I mean? You can put something special into the day. For example, writing a note and leaving it to be found by your spouse, your child, or even your parent. This is one of my favorite things to do.  For example, perhaps we watched a good movie the night before. I’ll get online and find a picture of one of the movie scenes and copy it to my note and let my wife or daughter know how much I enjoyed watching it with them. Then I’ll leave the note where they will find it.  My wife sometimes puts notes in my lunch bag without me knowing it and when I get to work, I find the note. One time I made a special note to my daughter letting her know how much I love her and slipped it into her school folder where she discovered it when she was at school. She loved it!

I myself am a fairly creative person, but I do need help also with different ideas so I bought two books to help me to do some creative things for my family. One book is entitled 21-Day Dad’s Challenge by Focus On The Family.

Another book I bought is The Love Dare (from the Movie Fireproof). Both books are personally challenging to not so much to read, but to do. But it does stretch you and helps you break out of the rut and show your love to your spouse and children, even in the little things. I encourage you to buy both and be creative with your family.

Children can do things for their parents too. We love a nice surprise just as much as you do! Write a note to mom and/or dad and let them how much you appreciate them and love them. Draw them a picture. Call them and leave a voice mail just saying you are thinking of them.

I hope this blog post has already started you thinking of different ways you can be creative in your own family. Being loved at home is a wonderful thing.

I would love to know some of the things you have done in your own family by being creative in showing your love. Please leave me a comment.

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