Being Loved at Home Part 11- Single Parents

Being Loved at Home Part 10- Single Parents

First I want to put it right out there that I admire single parents. If you’re a single mom, you have to be “mom” and “dad” all wrapped up into one. Hopefully, you have some family members to help from time to time, but not everyone does. Even if you do, I know it can be very difficult to raise a child or children on your own. So my hat is off to you with respect and admiration.

For whatever reason, the death of a spouse, divorce, separation, or perhaps having a baby out of wedlock or simply choosing to be a single parent, being a single parent has its challenges.

While I believe God designed it best if you can have a father and mother in a child’s life is optimal, I know it’s not always the case.

I’d like to make some suggestions to help single parents out if that’s possible. Suggestions that will hopefully help you in raising your child or children.

Single doesn’t have to mean “on your own”.  In the Philippines, many families disown their daughter if she has a child out of wedlock. Right when she’s in the most need of her life, her family turns their back on her. I can imagine the disappointment a traditional family can go through when they learn their single daughter is pregnant. I believe though if a family works through the emotions of it first, they will find they need to love and support their daughter as much as possible during such a time. Not condoning, but supporting their daughter in her greatest time of need.  This would apply to any family of course, not just those in the Philippines; but anywhere in the World. Everyone deserves a second chance, don’t they?

But perhaps your family has turned their back on you. What then?  Find people who will help support you emotionally. Friends, church members, different social groups. You don’t have to do it all on your own. Most of all, God. Yeah, I said it. God. Turn to Him, look to Him. He will provide your all. I mean it! I’ve seen Him help so many. He cares for you and He will guide you in the decisions you need to make.

You can raise your children on your own, as hard it may be at times. As they get older you can instill into them responsibility in doing many of their own chores. Washing the dishes, their own laundry, hygiene, etc. They will come out to be very strong individuals, which of course is what you want to see in your children as they become adults. Focus on the family has lots of resources for parenting, and so I’d suggest them as a resource.

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