What are you thinking about?

“Did you know your desire is like a seed. It controls the vibration you are in, and the vibration you are in controls what you attract. What are you thinking about? Because that is what you’re becoming. Most people think about what they don’t want. I suggest you think about what you do want”-Bob Proctor

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We go about our day thinking about things we don’t even realize can be destructive in what we really do want.  What are you really thinking about?

I want to challenge you to start monitoring your thoughts.

Start today and focus on what you want. Stop looking around at what others are not getting. It doesn’t matter! Start to focus on what you only want and when you find yourself drifting off into something you don’t, catch yourself and replace that thought with what you want.  The longer you do this, the easier it will get.

Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life,

Dexter Black




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