Being Loved At Home Part 9-Who’s Corner are you in?

Being Loved At Home Part 9-Who’s Corner are you in?

The World can beat on us. The boss at work is breathing down your neck to be more productive, the bills are piling, and someone cut you off at the parking spot you were going for.

I enjoy a good boxing match on T.V. Have you noticed that the boxer isn’t alone? No, I’m not talking about the opponent. Each boxer has a team, and more specifically; a coach.

The Coach is in the boxer’s corner. He’s yelling out different instructions to win. If the boxer gets beat up, when he returns to his corner, the coach is telling him everything is okay and giving him more instruction on what needs to be done to win.

Sometimes what your spouse or child needs is simply for you to be in their corner. Make home a place of love and acceptance. After all, we get beat up enough out in the world. Let’s make it a safe haven.

Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life.

Dexter Black

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