5 Year Wedding Anniversary

5 Year Wedding Anniversary

Hello Everyone!

My five-year Wedding Anniversary is November 10th.  Fives years and three months ago, my beautiful girlfriend came from all the way across the World from the Philippines to marry me and be with me till death do us part. How amazing that God would bring  two people so far away from one another, but so close in heart in marriage.

She came and we were married November 10th 2007 in our humble home. It was a small wedding, but it felt as if we were married in a Cathedral! It was that special to the both of us. I can say I am a blessed man to have Mailyn in my life as my beautiful wife. She has gotten even more beautiful over these last five years and sweeter too.

I know to you folks that have been married even longer you might not be impressed with five years, but for us; it’s just so wonderful.

We will celebrate by seeing the new James Bond movie and also go to the Sight and Sound Theater and watch the live play Jonah and the Whale.

May God bless us with continued love, grace, mercy, and kindness each and every day.

Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life,

Dexter Black

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