God’s Healing Power Happens Again!

If God is God, then He heals. How big is your God anyhow? Is He big enough to heal?

I want to direct your attention to this website post about healing. I believe it’s essential for us to have faith and receive those that are laying hands on the sick so they will be healed!

God has made you and He will heal you if you believe. If you doubt, cry out to Him, “Help my unbelief” and He will do that too! God is for you if you are for Him.

Believe and you shall receive!

Most of all, make sure you soul is right with God. Make sure you have received Him as Lord and Saviour.

Now I’d like to share a video with you by Lester Sumrall about praying and divine healing.
Lester Sumrall Divine Healing

I had the privileged of hearing Lester Sumrall at a Bible Conference held in Los Angeles, California back in the ’90s. He mainly talked about feeding the hungry. A ministry of bringing a shipload of food to Christians first, in need in other countries. To be open to it, I wasn’t too impressed with him. He was on the edge of boring. I was actually disappointed to hear him speak because I had heard that God though this man healed many people where they were able to get out of their wheelchairs and discarded their wheelchairs because they were healed. And here I was being bored.  I just didn’t know what to think. He gave a call to action to those that could give, to give towards the ministry of feeding the hungry. I did give that night, and boy was I grateful that I did. After the offering was taken up, Lester Sumrall said: “Now those that need a financial miracle in your life and have given, I want you to stand.” I just happened to need a financial miracle during that time. I was barely paying the bills if I remember right. I stood, and he raised his hands to heaven and prayed for us who stood to be blessed financially. I didn’t feel anything, but I believed. Two weeks later, I had a very large financial miracle that I won’t go into details about, but I know without a doubt it was because this man of God prayed, and God answered his prayer in my life. Praise be the Lord! Now, if God can do that, He can heal too. Yes, He can! I’ve seen with my own eyes many people healed including my x-brother-in-law. He was about 10 or 11 years old and his bones in his legs were not growing correctly. The Doctor told him he would have to wear leg braces until he was done growing, so in other words, for many years until his legs were done growing. He wore these leg braces and had to get around on crutches while wearing them.
I remember my wife and I prayed for him. Within 6 months’ time, the Doctor removed his leg braces and said he would no longer need to wear them as now his leg bones were growing correctly. Praise be the Lord! There are many other people I have known personally that I’ve seen God heal, so please; don’t try to tell me God does not heal, because I KNOW He does!
If you are a part of a “church” that doesn’t preach the healing power of God, get out of there, leave! They are not preaching the FULL GOSPEL.
God wants to not only save you but to heal you too.

Be healed, in the name of Jesus!

Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life,

Dexter Black

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