666 is cool?

Last night I stopped at the gas station and as I was putting gas in my car there was a young couple on the other side of the pump and I could hear them talking about pumping the exact amount they needed because of their limited funds in their account. So he pumped $9.99.  I heard him say “999, that’s 666 upside down” and she said “Yeah,” with pleasure in the tone of her voice.

I thought to myself they have no clue. As I was driving from the gas station to Walmart in front of me was a car with a sticker in their back windshield that said: “God is Dead”. Wow!  I was saddened and mad all in one to read such a bumper sticker. I got to think about this person driving the car and how they might have gone through something horrific to jade them against God. I prayed for that person that God would help him.

Getting back to the 666. Let’s examine just what it’s all about according to the Bible, God’s Holy Word.  Revelation 13 talks about the mark of the beast 666 that none should buy, sell, or trade without this mark. The Bible goes on to speak that those that receive the mark of the beast are dammed to hell. In today’s Christian world, hell isn’t mentioned too much, but Jesus spoke of hell quite a bit, so it is a real place and contrary to the lies going around, it’s not going to be one big party. It will be eternal suffering instead. There will be no beer to quench your thirst or to party with. You will not be in the mood to party when you feel yourself burning and knowing it will never ever end. That is hell, and that is where those that receive the mark will end up. So 666, it’s no joke. It would be better to die after receiving Jesus into your heart in the end times than receive the mark. The Bible says “Better to fear him that can kill body and soul,” meaning better to fear God than man or the devil.



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