The Wake Up Call

Have you gotten The Wake-Up Call yet?

No, I’m not talking about when you’re asleep in bed and someone calls too early.

You know what I’m talking about…you are going about your normal business each day, and one morning you look in the mirror and think (maybe out loud even) “Dang, what happened! I’m fat! How in the world did I get so fat?!” That’s what I call “The Flesh Wake Up Call.” It’s like just all of a sudden you were skinny the night before and now somehow, some way in the world; your body suddenly bloated up, you have a big everything and double chin to boot!” “My Gosh, what happened”>? you ask yourself.

Now you really know that it did not just happen overnight…really you do. This is The Flesh Wake Up Call! You need to do something different, or you’re just going to keep getting more and more fat until you’re like a goldfish that has eaten too much, you’ll only float on the top of the water and will not be able to dive back down under the water to survive. Your days are numbered!
The Solution: Start working out and eating healthy. Much easier said than done, but considering the alternative, it’s doable. Suggestions: CLICK HERE and HERE

The Financial Wake UP Call: Once again, just going about our usual daily thing. Going to work, coming home; doing it all over again at least 5 days a week. Collecting a check, paying the bills, hopefully having a little leftover for pleasure, and then RING RING, you get to work and it’s announced that there will be layoffs soon! Or the Company is outsourcing your department now. Oh yeah…it’s happening a lot lately, isn’t it? You might even be one of them! The Financial Wake Up Call has just happened!

That secure job isn’t so secure after all! You’re going to be facing unemployment soon! “Oh no, how could this happen, my company is BIG, and I’m a good worker!” we say to ourselves. What are you going to do? Find ANOTHER job until you’re laid off from that one too?
The Solution: Start building a separate income stream other than a JOB. Did you know you can really make money online part-time/full time? Yeah, it’s true! Contact me for a super affordable suggestion to get started without having to break the bank.

Another Wake-Up Call: The Mortality Wake Up Call!
Once again we are just going about our daily business, when suddenly without warning you see a fatal accident happen, or you get a call from a family or friend informing you that so and so has just died…SHOCK enters our minds and our heart. Especially if it’s a family member we are close to. Death! So final, so cold, so…unbelievable! “How could my mom died so soon, I was just with her yesterday…” we ask ourselves. Now she’s gone FOREVER! How could you God!? It’s not fair! we scream from our souls if not out loud.

Then suddenly deep within, we are reminded of OUR OWN MORTALITY. We don’t like to think about it, do we…? Even now you are tempted to stop reading…What shall we do?
The Solution: Know that death is just as much a part of life as being born. We entered into this world with nothing, and it is sure that we will leave it with nothing either. The solution is to face up to the fact that your body does not live forever…ah but your spirit cries out INJUSTICE! Yes, it is. It is why God sent Jesus, His only begotten son to save us. We see in the Bible the power of God through Jesus. He raised a man that had been dead for 4 days and made him alive again! My friend, only GOD could do that! Jesus himself was raised from the dead also being dead 3 days!

This goes wayyyyyy beyond religion, friend! Not just a belief, but a fact! The solution is, to receive the Lord into your life and ask Him to forgive you of all your sins. He will and when you do that Bible says you are saved. When death comes knocking on your door, you will know it’s not final, but merely passing from this life to eternal life with the Lord. On top of that, seeing those also that have gone to be with him before this. What a comfort to know that even though we have been left behind, we shall not always be separated from those that believe. Know that this thing we call life is just passing through. No one stays on this Earth forever. We all are passing through. Receive the Lord into your life today, and experience Wealth and Riches in every part of your life. Suggestion: CLICK HERE


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