That Tricky Thing Called Communication

bed“The problem with noncommunication is that we can never know what someone else is thinking or feeling if that thought or feeling is stuffed inside. Only a wizard can figure that out. The rest of us have to assume or presume…” “How simple it all becomes when the statement “I feel” is made as soon as an encounter begins. Now the other person knows where they stand. There is no guessing.

But true, honest, forthright communication is one of the most difficult human skills to master. Why? Because of fear! Everything that has ever held me back in my life has been due to fear. Fear of consequence. Yet what we fear is what we draw to us so that we may learn.” – Suzanne Somers


I found this quote from Suzanne Somers to be extremely true and helpful and tough to do too, but worth it!

Women especially somehow think that men know what they are thinking or feeling and even though we do our best to be honed into their emotions, it is illusive.

Communication is tricky at times, and nothing worse than noncommunication assuming the other already knows how you feel and are thinking about something. Usually, it’s no we don’t. That goes for both sides. It’s why you have to speak the truth when something is bothering you. Sure it will cause hurt at first, but once you get through it, you’ll both be better for it.

In the past I had an issue with my Supervisor. Our coaching sessions were horrible feeling to me. Not all of them, but the majority of them; I’d walk away feeling defeated instead of empowered. But I didn’t say anything to him about it. I found others were feeling the same way as me. Finally I had, had enough after a year of this; and sat down and told him. We had a great talk about it, he admitting his fault in not communicating the good things he notices (and he does notice) but mainly communicating the things that need worked on. It was extremely hard to talk to him about it, because I do have great respect for him and didn’t want to cause any hard feelings between us. The last thing you need is for your Supervisor to hate you, which was my fear. Once everything was out in the light, I felt better and he felt good in letting him know so he could work on expressing the positives he notices. The conversation was a win win.

Even harder is communication with your spouse. You can’t (well you can, but it’s not good) just be silent when you feel hurt or ignored or whatever it is you’re feeling. Take a bit, think about it and then tell your spouse how you’re feeling and why. When you love one another, you will help one another. To help one another, you must communicate your needs to one another.  When you do that, and make an effort to meet the needs of your spouse, you’ll have a closer relationship.

So, do you have something bothering you about someone else? A workmate, a friend, a spouse, a sibling? Sit down and talk. You’ll be glad you did.


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