Are You For Me, Or Against Me?

When my girlfriend (now my wife) and I were dating, she wanted to reassure me of her love for me. So she made an email address that showed that love for me. She made Mae4Dex@……… She wanted me to know she was for me, not against me. She wanted me to know that she was there for me anytime I needed her or wanted to talk with her. She wanted to know that she was all of mine and she did this by the email address she created and her actions towards me. I was (and am) reassured of her love for me.

When I went to church this morning, part of the sermon was about that God first loved us and loves us always, regardless of how we feel towards Him at times.  He was the first to take action in showing that love towards us by giving His son Jesus to the world to be sin for us.  To cleanse us from all our sin. God’s love never changes for me (or for you), no matter what! If God was to make an email address for me or you it would say God4(your name here). He is for you! He loves you so much that He has given His best for you (His son) and by that we know He desires to give us all good things if He he didn’t spare His son, He will not spare anything else for us either.

Jesus once asked “Are you for me, or against me?” He went on to say “Whoever is not for me, is against me.” When you realize how much God is for you, why would you even want to be against Him? He has taken the first step, and given us everything, so we could be in relationship with Him.

Just as you develop a relationship with your spouse, your father, you mother, your sibling, God wants a relationship with you.  He has shown His perfect love for you, are you ignoring it? Isn’t it time for you for the first time (or perhaps a renewal ) to look to Him for His love. He has an unlimited supply. A relationship of love. Oh to be in love with God and to receive His love! What greater love is there? He has made the Earth for you, and filled it with beauty and detail and color. The plants, the grass, the hills, the mountains, the animals, the birds, yes; even the smallest of reptile and insects, He has made them all. He provides the unlimited air we breathe, the blue skies with white clouds, the refreshing rains, and your very life. You were created by Him, and you will continue to be loved by Him to the very end. He will never ever give up on you, He will never leave you or forsake you. He is the perfect Father, unlike perhaps our earthly father has been or even you’ve been to your son or daughter.

Perhaps you are trying to fill your heart that God intended for Himself with others or with other things? Nothing will fit perfectly, but Him. Not any man no matter how handsome, or kind he is, no other woman, no matter how sweet or beautiful or loving. No other thing such as money ,wealth, or fame. Not houses, job positions, business ownership,cars, food, sex, entertainment, drugs, alcohol, friends, learning, marriage, or partying will fill that special spot in your heart. Only Jesus Christ fits perfectly. Only He will bring the fulfillment you have longed for in all these other things but just couldn’t seem to get. It is He that will quench your thirst. Drink deep of Him and you will find satisfaction and even contentment. He can be your all in all. Your everything. It’s His desire, is it yours?

Are you for me or against me, God asks? What is your answer?


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Dexter Black


Scriptures: John 3:16,Romans 8:32, Romans 8:25, Genesis 1:1, John 4:5-10,John 3:3, John 8:31,

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