5 Stages of Recovery Notes from a T.D. Jakes Sermon

Recently every since T.D. Jakes joined my Fan page “Caught Doing Good All Over The World” I became reinterested. I say reinterested because years ago I had brothers in the Lord tell me how much they enjoyed listening to T.D. Jakes. This was some 20+ years ago. I checked him out then and really didn’t care to listen to him. In my opinion, “He was alright.”
Well, like I said once he was back on my radar, I started recording his sermons and his talk show. (I didn’t even know he had a talk show) and found both to be extremely informative and ministering. So now I’m watching him 5 days a week.
Here are my notes to the most recent sermon I heard of his:
5 Stages of Recovery

There is something everyone is recovering. Either recovering something you lost or recovering from something.

How to maximize your faith and grace and move into the realm of what God has for you:

Joshua 10:14-25 (Read it)

This happened to Joshua outwardly but think inwardly as you read the scripture.

1. Bring some control into your life: Control your fear, your bad habits, your tendency to quit when it gets hard. You have to control it. You have to confess it’s there, but it’s under control.

“He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.” Proverbs 25:28
If you can’t get control of yourself you have no safety. Anything can happen to you. It means you have to feel some things and resist them.

2. The Conquest: I don’t want to lose where I am by going back to fight where I was. I don’t want to lose my today, by going back and fighting yesterday.
It’s hard to kill a man or woman who has something to go after. My past can’t kill me if I have something to go after. Something ahead of me, something to fight for. Something to get out of the bed for. You need a conquest, you need a challenge. Something that demands you get out of bed in the morning, something that demands something of you. Something that will not allow you to wallow in your history, your agony, your disappointments.
When God gave Israel manna, he didn’t drop it into their tents. They had to reach for it. You might be fearful, but you have something to reach for. You may have pain, but you have something to reach for.

3. Confronting: But conquest without confronting your issues is a false sense of victory. I have to kill the source. If you paint over the stain and don’t fix the problem, you do not have a real conquest. Anything you cannot confront, you cannot conquer.

4. The Conquering: I’m going to conquer what I have confronted. Once you confront it, the next step is to conquer it. To conquer it: To not let it have control. To not let it destroy your destiny. To not let it destroy your future. There is nothing like the feel of winning. Once you get a taste of conquering, you’ll want to do it again and again and again. Once you conquer, celebrate yourself. Even God said “It is good” after each day He made. Celebrate your victories! Don’t let someone else be happier for you than you are for yourself.

5. Become a Champion: “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.” -Romans 8:37

We are more than a one-time conqueror. Being a Champion is a lifestyle. The difference between a conqueror and a champion is how you define yourself. A conqueror is defined by the fight he fought. A champion is defined by the winner he is. In other words, he has accepted winning as a new normal, not a one-time experience. He’s a champion.
When Joshua put his foot on the king’s necks, he slew them and then he hung them. They are already dead. It seems extreme? What did he hang them after they were already dead? T.D. Jakes had a friend that when he killed a coyote that came on his property, he would then hang them on a tree. That way when other coyotes came they would smell and see that dead coyote on the tree and not come unto the property.
When you are a champion you have to have some trophies to remind you what God has done before! And number two it reminds the enemy “Don’t you try me! If you come over here I will confront you, I will control you, and I will conquer you because I am a champion!


I want to encourage you to celebrate your victories after you have confronted, controlled, and then conquered whatever it is in your life that you needed the victory over! And after you celebrate your victory, make a trophy to remind you what God has done in your life.
I myself have made a “Pillar Board” that reminds me of what great things the Lord has done in my life. I’ll show you a picture (down below), in case you want to make one for yourself:

Pillar Board

I hope this sermon notes has inspired you as much as it has me to become more than a conqueror. To become a Champion!

Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life,


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