Comparing Dolly Parton with Tony Robbins- They Do Have Something Profound in Common

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I’ve been reading the autobiography of Dolly Parton and wanted to share this:

“At all of my properties, I have a little chapel, a place I can go to talk to and, more importantly, listen to God, although I can do it anywhere. I close my eyes and picture myself surrounded by radiant light. I dance with a circle of angels. They don’t have faces, just forms of light, like a string of paper dolls. The light is healthy and energizing to me. I affirm often, ‘I am dancing with the light. I am encircled by the light of God. Nothing can harm me. I am happy. I am radiant. I am free. I am safe in the love and the light of God. Every day I visualize God picking me up by the heels, holding me upside down until all of the bad, negative things fall out into the circle of light. Then he stands me up, and I picture streams of light coming through the top of my head, filling my whole body until I too am a being of light. Then we stomp all of the negative things into a fine white powder and blow it away with the wind of our dancing feet.”

I’ve read where Tony Robbins each morning during his meditation time will envision light coming from above doing down into his head, filling his whole body, healing each cell in his body. Then after a while when he feels his whole body is full of this light, he will spread this light out to his family, friends and, others.

I felt this was interesting. They both have their special spots they “get away” to and both envision light filling them.

I believe we all need our special spot to get away too. John Maxwell talks about having a spot where you can go and think about things. Even better when we can envision God’s light coming into us and making a difference in yourself and others.

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