How to Be Happy BEFORE You Get What You Want

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I was just reading over an email from the company I am a Young Living independent distributor for and was told that Shawn Achor would be at our annual Young Living convention this year. I’m like “WHO”? Whoever he is, he has a talk on TED. Well…seeing how I love listening and watching speakers on TED, already I’m starting to get impressed, and curious who this Shawn Achor is. So I went to and watched/listened to his talk on Happiness. Basically, he says most of us have happiness backward. We think that if we work harder, we will be more successful, and then be happy. Happiness comes through the lens we see the world through. If we can change that lens, we can be happy first. He goes on to show a chart while I am including here, that can when done 21 days in a row to train your brain to be happy.

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The first thing he lists is gratefulness. To list 3 things a day. I myself have learned it’s better to list 10 new things to be grateful for:

Next, he lists is Journaling. I’ve learned to do this years ago from teachings of Jim Rohn. For me journaling allows me to list my 10 things I am grateful for and also it helps get off my chest anything that might be bothering me, plus I also write about things I learned during the day and of course what I did or thought or both during the day.

He then lists Exercise. This is something that I’ve been working on for quite some time to make a habit of. It’s been proven that exercise not only benefits the body but also benefits the brain and emotions.

Next is Meditation. Meditation can mean a few things to you depending on the lens you look through. For myself, meditation means thinking things over when I have some alone time. John Maxwell teaches to take thirty minutes at the end of your week, and ponder your week in what you have done, and what you could have done better. Meditation also for me means prayer and thinking about God’s word and will.

Last, but not least he lists Random Acts of Kindness. This is something I encourage on my fan page Caught Doing Good All Over The World.
There’s also a great site called Give Away A Dollar A Day which is a lot of fun to learn create ways to give a dollar a day away each day.
Life is funny this way. To get, we must first give. When we give something of ourselves to others, it opens us up for happiness (“It is more blessed to give than receive Acts 20:35).

I believe Psychologist Shawn Achor is really on to something in what he teaches…and wow, so am I! (I guess it’s okay for me to blow my own horn once in a while right?).

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