Day # 21 of 21 Days of No Sweets

Day #21 of 21 Days of No Sweets! I made it!

This is my second official 21 Day Challenge to myself. My first one that I completed was 21 Days of No Complaining.

This second challenge was harder in some ways and easier in other ways. Harder because on my second day of not eating any sweets, my body went through withdrawals and it was sickening…literally. A very bad headache, sweating, and even an extremely low ebb in energy. It was crazy! Who would have ever thought that sugar, or rather the lack of it; could do this? Fortunately, these systems only lasted a full day.

For the first few days, sweets looked very tempting and many days of this 21-day challenge of eating no sweets.
All during my 21-day challenge, I was offered by others different sweets. Cupcakes, homemade apple pie, Krispy Kream Donuts, and mini Reese’s and Hershey candy. As the days counted down, the sweets were less and less tempting. And then the magic happened on Day #19. I no longer craved sweets. I didn’t feel that “urge” when I saw something sweet, not in person, and not on TV, not anywhere! It was amazing. Only then, did I know for sure, I’d make it to Day #21. And I did. I made it!!

Q & A’s

Q. Why did you decide to not eat sweets?
A. Well…I have plenty of growing I need to do, so I figured I’d challenge myself. Growth doesn’t come automatically, so I had to start being intentional.
I also did it to inspire others, that if I could do it, they could do it too.

Q. Of all the temptations you faced with sweets, which one was the hardest?
A. Anything chocolate was hard, and the homemade apple pie left me frustrated.

Q. Why do you post your progress on Facebook?
A. Posting it puts it out there, and it seems to help me be more accountable…at least so far! lol

Q. Why 21 Days?
A. The experts say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so that’s why I set my challenge for 21 days.

Q. Did you lose any weight not eating sweets for 21 days?
A. Unfortunately not.

Q. Do you feel any difference after going 21 Days of not eating sweets?
A. I feel more energetic.

Q. Why do you think more people don’t challenge themselves to change?
A. There could be a number of reasons. I believe one of the main reasons is fear of failure. It’s through failure that we come to success. Think of failure as a tunnel. Imagine you are at the entrance of that tunnel, and you say to yourself “Gee, I don’t want to fail, but success is at the other end of this tunnel.” You must go through the tunnel to get to the other side where success awaits you. The problem is, no one wants to fail to get to success. They try to go around the tunnel, over the tunnel, or even dig their way under the tunnel, only to find out that they cannot get to success that they want until they do through the tunnel. Go through that tunnel, learn from that tunnel, and you WILL get to success. Even if you have to go through that tunnel countless times until you finally reach the other side, do it. And whatever you do, don’t give up! Don’t settle for less than you can be, do, and have.
You see, I’m creating 21-day challenges and I don’t always make it to the 21st day successfully on my first try. When I did my 21 Day challenge of no complaining, it took me three times to complete that challenge. It wasn’t easy, but I finally did it. Now I’m on my 21st day today of eating no sweets. Soon after I complete that challenge, I’ll be making another challenge for myself. Do you know why people don’t challenge themselves? Because they are afraid to fail. They are afraid they will fall short. They don’t understand that you have to go through the tunnel of failure to reach the other side where success is. I hope this encourages someone to take on a 21-day challenge of some type of their own.

Q. Was there any exceptions you made to not eating sweets?
A. Basically, I stayed away from any man made sweets during my 21 Day challenge. I allowed pure raw honey on my toast in the morning. Any fruits were allowed. So making my own healthy smoothies I used fruits. Twice I used a packet of Stevia in my homemade smoothie and twice I was in a rush so I stopped at a local place that makes smoothies, and later found out they put pure cane sugar in most of their smoothies. Once I found that out, I made sure to give myself enough time to make my own smoothie.

Q. Does this mean that you’ll never eat sweets again?
A. Just like my complaining challenge that I completed doesn’t mean I’ll never complain again in my life, but I hope I’ll catch myself and complain less often, it’s the same with sweets. It will no longer be a daily habit! If somehow over time I let it become a habit, I’ll have to return again to the 21-day challenge.

Q. What is your next 21-Day Challenge?
A. I’ll be taking a breather for a while and then I’ll be announcing it online, so stay tuned!

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