Day #8 of my 21 Day Challenge of Meeting at Least One New Person a Day -Tom at my Job

I’m eleven hours behind in posting this, BUT I did meet someone new yesterday. Tom. Like so many people at my work, I’ve seen Tom walking around before. I knew he was in the other department, although on the same floor as me. The excuses are over though. Even though most of my time is on the phone, I am making time to get to know others! So, today as I was in the hallway Tom and I somehow got to talking about work, and then I asked him his name and shook his hand and gave him mine. Tom has been at my work for..get this…10 years! OH MY, how can anyone be there 10 years and I didn’t know them?? I felt a rush of mixed emotions as he told me 10 years. Horrible and ashamed that it been a full decade and I never bothered to get to know this guy and good because finally, I am getting to know him.
He lives a few towns away from work. I learned of his past shifts and his current one. I plan on getting to know him more as time goes on.
Is there anyone in your life that perhaps you see often, but still don’t know their name? Maybe you’ll meet “Tom” too?

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