Day #12 of my 21 Day Challenge of Meeting at Least One New Person a Day – Meeting the FIG Group

Well…compared to my sparse meeting of someone new yesterday, I really made up for it today!

First of all, at my new Bank that I’m trying out (Santander) I met Teller, Anna Gladfelter. I said I know another lady by the name of Glatfelter. She’s been with Santander for 22 years and been doing banking even longer than that. I believe she said 30 years total. Amazing! So she went on to explain that Glatfelter spelled with a “t” are the rich and well off one’s where the ones spelled with a “d” are the poor, barely getting by ones. lol. Funny story and perhaps some history involved in that story.

Later in the evening, I went to an International Homegroup called FIG that had a lot of exchange students from all over the world and a few older folk like myself there too. Forgive me if you are from this group and I get your name spelled incorrectly or mixed up some of the facts since I met so many new people, it was a bit overwhelming (but in a very good way). First of all, Kudo’s to my friend Javier who was kind enough to invite me to this group and even kinder to meet me outside and bring me inside and introduce me. I even learned a little more about Javier, as I really only got to know him a bit in the last few weeks.
He used to live in Miami and is originally from Puerto Rico.
The Host Todd and his wife Merci were very kind and warm people. Mercy I believe is from Puerto Rico. Tom is a music teacher at a local Christan school. He played the guitar and the violin tonight. It’s my bet he knows quite a few instruments.

I met a young guy named Taiwan that just got his B.S. in Communications and he lives in York. He heard I’m originally from S. California and wanted to know more about California as it’s one of his dreams to go and visit there. He’s not sure exactly where his B.S. will lead him but is open to what may come his way.

I also met a young man who’s name I cannot pronounce or spell correctly as it is Hebrew all though he grew up Puerto Rican. A really nice guy.

I also met a nice lady named Neeta originally from Nepal who recently lived in New York, New York, and moved here in PA recently who works for Santander (isn’t that something) and has a Masters in Finance. She also a certified Yoga instructor, a vegetarian, and loves to eat all natural non-GMO foods.
People from Nepal she says eat three times a day lots of different vegetables, and white rice. She studied in India I believe she said for three years and loves to visit India anytime she is on her way to Nepal.

I also met a student who’s American name is Ken. He’s from China and goes to a local Christian school in PA. He told me his Chinese name, but myself being so unfamiliar with Chinese names, cannot remember it. I wish I would have written it down or at least texted it to myself. lol.

I met Daniel (Dan) who is an English/Tutor and has helped many young people get their drivers license. He’s been to Spain and a few other Countries.
He loves his job. His wife (who wasn’t there to meet) is a Nurse and also loves what she does.

It was quite a day!

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