Day #13 of my 21 Day Challenge of Meeting at Least One New Person a Day- Betty & Books

Today was the used book sale for Life Path that we go to twice a year in York. I love this book sale! Hardbacks and Bibles are $1.00 and all other books are twenty-five cents! Before I tell you who I met at the bookstore I want to share the great books.
Blessed by an Angel
Walking with the Lord
A little notebook to write in
Uncle John’s Briefs- Quick Bits of Fascinating Facts and Amazing Trivia
The Life God Rewards- Why Everything You Do Today Matters Forever
The 17 Essential Qualities Of A Team Player – Becoming the Kind of Person Every Team Wants: John C. Maxwell
The Treasure Principle- Discovering The Secret of Joyful Giving
George Burns All My Best Friends
Helen Keller The Story Of My Life
Susan Boyle-Dreams can come true
Railroads- The Great American Adventure
Joel Osteen Break Out!- 5 Keyes to Go Beyond Your Barriers And Live An Extraordinary Life
Random Acts of Romance- surprise, and delight the one you love
Simple Living for Busy People
The Harbinger (Already read this, but it was loaned to me, so now I have my own copy).
90 Minutes In Heaven (I loaned this out to a friend who is now spending eternity in Heaven).
Different Roads
A Child Called “It”
I, Tina- My Life Story Tina Turner
Benjamin Franklin: the autobiography and other writings
Question of the Day
The Peace & Power of Knowing Gd’s Name

What a thrill! I can hardly wait to dive into these books!

I met a nice lady at the book sale by the name of Betty. Just guessing at her age (as I’m not in the habit of asking ladies their age) I’d say Betty was in her 70’s and was just starting to find some books. She had about four paperbacks with her when I opened the conversation to “So you’re finding some interesting books?” Thankfully asking such a closed-ended question she didn’t just answer “Yes” and that was it. She said “Yes, they are not actually for me, but for some people, I know at the Senior Center, which sparked more questions of if it’s a place she lives, or visits someone. I found “The Senior Center” is just a place that Seniors that gather at to visit one another.
Betty’s grown daughter works at a Baptist Church organization and outreach and her grandson is training in how to fly and fix a plane for Mission outreaches.
Betty first got saved when she was 16 years old and says she has rededicated her life to Him several times since.
I found better to be a warm, intelligent, and down to earth type person. It was an honor to meet her.

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