Day #14 of my 21 Day Challenge of Meeting at Least One New Person a Day- TEMPORARY FAILURE

I knew before I started out my day that for sure it would give me opportunities to meet and talk with someone new.
It’s Mother’s Day, and I have planned to take my wife out to Hibachi. Since we will all be sitting around the stove top grill with people we don’t know, it will be the perfect opportunity to know someone new that will be sitting there too. This should be easy I thought to myself…
We were the first to be seated, and the others came in later. Apparently, the other six people were all from one family. Almost the lady who had two children sat by me, but at the last moment sat between her two children, too far from me to start up a conversation and the others even further away.
As we left, my wife pointed out I could have struck up a conversation with our waiter who she and our daughter talked with a little, learning his nationality is Vietnamese. She was 100% right, and I missed it because all along I had in mind to talk to another guest.
After enjoying our wonderful Hibachi meal, we went to the movies and enjoyed Fate of the Furious. No one else around us to talk with in there too.
We came home and enjoyed watching some TV programs and then I remembered I hadn’t met someone new yet. So I got online hoping to strike up a conversation by video with anybody. That didn’t pan out either. I went to bed and read some, and then fell to sleep missing my chance to meet someone new today and learn something about them. Temporary failure! Monday, it will be a time to start over and try again.
I’ll call it (2nd time) Day #1 of my 21 Day Challenge of Meeting at Least One New Person a Day.

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