(3nd time) Day #2 of my 21 Day Challenge of Meeting at Least One New Person- Jacky

Young woman using computer in office

This picture isn’t Jacky, but I figured it was a lady and she is an office worker. lol.
If your workplace is large like mine is, there more than likely is people that you see every day but don’t know their name or anything about them. What’s even more amazing about that is, the amount of time they may be there before you actually do meet them and get to know them. That’s what I discovered today when I met Jacky. An unusual spelling I know, but it is how she spells her name. She’s been with the Company I work for, for six months. Six months already and I’m just getting to know her. Amazing, but not the time span much less than when I met Tom. She used to work at the Wal-mart East in York as a Supervisor for seven years before this job. She enjoys working the phones more than in person.
I started the conversation with the obvious. “I’ve seen you around for quite some time now, but never have really introduced myself. I told her my name, she told me mine and I shook her hand. That worked well!
That’s it for now folks. I know it’s not much information, but it is at least one thing I didn’t know about her, and her name; which fulfills the requirement of meeting one new person a day.

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