(3nd time) Day #3 of my 21 Day Challenge of Meeting at Least One New Person-Clarke

A real challenge in meeting someone new is when you are at home feeling sick. I rarely get sick (I believe because of my overall healthy lifestyle of using Young Living products), but because of the severe weather changes we have been having here in PA lately, it caught up with me. Thank God for social media, where we can stay home and meet new people.
The guy I “met” today…well, he used to work at my work and even though I’ve talked to him on and off before, and knew his name of course, as I’ve said before; it’s hard to get to know someone. Clarke used to work at my job, but hasn’t been there for some time now. He’s working for another company and seems to be enjoying it. I even got to meet and see his cat Lighting. (Envision Garfield). A really cute cat that is 13 years old and they had her since I believe he said 2 years old. He showed me around his nice house on video. Clarke recently in January went to the Los Angeles, California area to do a magic show. (His passion is performing magic shows and watching them). I asked him what inspired him to get interested in magic and he said “David Copperfield.” He did a few card tricks for my daughter and me before having to hit the sack.
A was a real pleasure in getting to know Clarke more and makes me look forward to tomorrow in wondering who I’ll get to know..hmmmm
By the way, I’ll give Clarke a plug here. He does perform magic shows professionally for different events, so if you need a good magician you can find him on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/caldridge
David Copperfield

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