Do You Have The Balls to Make it in a Low Cost Business?

“If a little money does not go out, great money will not come in.” – Chinese proverb

In order to make money in a low cost start up business, you still have to invest some money, your own or borrowed.
Just like the quote above says, you have to have some go out to get great money to come in. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Even the Lottery requires that you put something into it before you get something out of it. But we are not talking luck here. We are talking about a proven low cost start up a business that will according to your efforts and the efforts of the team you build, a high-income business for yourself and the teammates that build with you. What does it take? Money, time, and balls. I say balls, not to exclude women, but in the sense of you have to take the leap and keep taking the leap each and every day until you are at the level of success you want to be. Balls have more to do with it than money and time because frankly, most people don’t have balls! They would rather sit at a comfortable job making their $50,000 a year when instead they could be making $50,000 a month! I have such a business to offer you if you have a little money, a little time, and big balls! Big enough balls that you won’t quit when the first 3 months roll around and you haven’t made a cent. Balls big enough that you can experience the word “No” a thousand times and not quit. Balls big enough to ignore the naysayers that will tell you “You’ll never make any money in that,” when there are already plenty of people making that type of money in this business (PROVEN!).


Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life,


Dexter D. Black

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