Kimi Werner is Amazing-Spearfisher, Freediver, Shark Whisperer?, Chef,Artist, Model, and Entrepreneur

Kimi Werner-Spearfisher, Freediver, Shark Whisperer?, Chef, Artist, Model, and Entrepreneur.

“It’s easy to find yourself living someone else’s life; I knew this firsthand. I have sat in many meetings with men in suits and pretended to care about spreadsheets. I have listened to business jargon-talk of monetizing, optimizing, incentivizing,- until I thought I might projectile-vomit. Even before I could fully articulate it I sought a different type of power, one that had more to do with freedom. My dream was to live in a town where I could swim in the ocean every day and write books with my cats draped across my desk in a room where I could open the windows and work in natural light and never have to wear closed-toe shoes again.”

“It sounds simple, but it took me 30 years to get there… Society is seductive; it’s good at telling us what we can’t do, can’t have, can’t be.”

Kimi can dive below 150 feet on a single breath which she can hold for almost five minutes while hunting fish.  She got her love of the ocean when she was just five years old from her father who used to take her spearfishing.

She swims with sharks and knows how to read them. She’s even had an encounter with a Great White. When she dived into the water suddenly she saw a Great White heading straight for her. She could tell it was just curious and not hungry. She even took a ride holding its fin!













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