Ningxia Wolfberry

The Ningxia wolfberry, a small red medicinal berry has been gaining attention as a functional superfood and antioxidant powerhouse since it hit the market in 2000.

Native to Ningxia Hui, China, wolfberry or Lycium barbarum L has long been regarded as a national treasure and has been used by Olympic coaches as their “secret weapon” to achieve gold medal results. It is now being studied world wide for its health benefits.

What’s behind Aging and Illness?

To understand how the Ningxia wolfberry help combat accelerated aging and illness, you have to understand what causes it.

Have you ever noticed that an older person smells different from a younger person? It is not unreasonable to compare aging with going rancid from the inside out as our fats go stale and proteins become caramelized.
The buildup of oxidized fats and malformed proteins in the body builds up an aroma which no deodorant can eradicate.

Free radicals is what causes the buildup of rancid fats and denatured proteins within us.

You could say a good part of aging is the result of continuous free radicals attacking the cells of the body. As rancid fats and denatured proteins build up in our tissues, our cells become overwhelmed and start to self-destruct.

What happens to cells that suffer a daily onslaught of free radical attacks?
*They die off
* They mutate and become harmful cells that can be linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many other degenerative diseases of aging. Blunting free-radical damage can bring about major improvements to health, especially as people grow older.

Antioxidants are the heroes that neutralize these molecular bad guys. They help reduce inflammation, keep arteries flexible, and preserve the genetic material of each cell. While the human body produces some antioxidants naturally, others must be replenished through food sources.

Top Antioxidant Foods
ORAC Scores
Antioxidants are visible to the eye as pigments in the color of plants. Some antioxidants have medicinal value. Among the numerous benefits of berries is ellagic acid found in the wolfberry. Research has shown that ellagic acid increases phase II liver enzyme activity, lending critical support to the liver’s detox mechanisms.

The ORAC score is a scientific standard that determines which foods or substances have significant antioxidant value. The higher the score, the greater the substance’s power as an antioxidant. Of all major foods on the planet, the Ningxia wolfberry delivers the most antioxidants.

NingXia wolfberry (dried)- 303
Chinese wolfberry – 202
Acai – 184
Black Raspberry – 164
Pomegranate – 105
Prune – 57

Can the Wolfberry Enhance Immunity?
The immune system in the intestines and the rest of the body is composed of polysaccharides (glycoproteins). Its components are proteins that need the correct sugars to function properly. This is one of the reasons that refined sugars depress the immune system. Ningxia wolfberry provides the right sugars, thus enhancing the immune system.

* In a 1988 report published by the State Scientific and Technological Commission of China, scientists reported that the immune-enhancing effect of wolfberries showed a 700 point increase in white blood cell counts, a 10% increase in lymphocyte transformation rates, and a 75% increase in immunoglobin A (a decline is associated with aging).

The Wisdom of Whole Foods
Natural Polyphenols Outperform Vitamins
Recent studies raise questions about how effective Vitamin C, E, and beta carotene really are. Why? Supplements don’t provide the protection seen in diets rich in fruits and vegetables. The real benefit appears to be when you get these antioxidants from food based sources, such as fruits and vegetables.

The fruits richest in antioxidants, such as wolfberries, raspberries, blueberries, and pomegranates may represent one of the most important natural therapies to slow the onset of degenerative diseases.

Who Can Drink Ningxia Wolfberry Juice?
Anyone with a digestive system, including pets. There have been no known side effects to Ningxia wolfberry, including to children. The latter should not be exposed to any whole food before six months of age. After that, smaller amounts compared to an adult are recommended until they appear to tolerate higher portions.

Serving portions may vary from 1/2 ounce to 30 ounces per day.

Start with an ounce per day of Ningxia Red juice. If positive results are seen, increase the portion gradually until improvement in the condition is observed.

There is no best time to drink Ningxia Red. Do it when it fits your schedule. Some people notice such an increase in energy that they avoid it before bedtime. It is probably best on an empty stomach, since you do not want to dilute your stomach acid, which is vital for digestion and for healthy flora.

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