Affirmations Work If You Do

The following is from Jim Rohn’s CD #3 Ambition:

“Some would have us believe that positive affirmation is more important than activity. Instead of doing something constructive to change our lives, they would have us repeating slogans and canned affirmations like “Every day in every way I”m getting better and better.” Well…getting better and better doesn’t just happen from wishful thinking. Getting better and better only happens with doing better and better. Discipline is the habit of progress and affirmations without discipline are in reality delusions.

Now don’t get me wrong here, there’s nothing wrong with affirming the good life, as long as we are disciplined enough to take action..” – Jim Rohn

Well, there we have it, folks, right from the master’s lips. Affirmations work if you do.

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Please leave me a comment with what results if any you have found in doing affirmations and any keys you have discovered.






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