Manhattan Short 21st Annual Short Film Festival

Picture by Dexter

This was our third Manhattan Short Film festival. Our first we enjoyed at the Capital in downtown York, PA.  Last year we went to a nice little theater in Harrisburg, PA called Midtown Cinema. They had an old movie projector out in the lobby which I enjoyed seeing. Last year’s Manhattan short film that I enjoy the most was “Just Go.” It was about a guy who was in a wheelchair with no legs who went after three thieves that stole this ladies’ purse. It was amazing how he went after them. At the end of the movie, we learned this guy is for real and plays sports. There as a quote at the end of the movie that I really loved. “Go after your dreams, even if you have to crawl.”

This year we enjoyed Manhattan Short Movie Film Festival in Lancaster, PA at Zoetropolis. This is the 21st Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival. The location was perfect for us because close by was a Vietnamese Eatery called Sprout Rice & Noodles. My daughter and I had some very yummy fried eggs rolls and my wife had Pho which she enjoyed so much. There were a lot of summer rolls to choose from on the menu, but I’m a fan of fried instead of the summer rolls. We walked from there to Zoetropolis which is only a block away.


They had couches and we sat in the front together on a red couch. Almost like being at home. Baby bought me some Crunch candy which I munched on while watching some of them and shared with Baby. Peachy had M&M’s.

The first movie was Baghead. About a man who consults a witch. It starts out with this man hitting a man sitting in a chair bound. The Witch turns into the person he shows a picture to and it is the person. It’s $1000 a minute and he bought two minutes to talk with his x. Asked her how long she was cheating on him with his brother. He really gave it to her good verbally. Then after he was done, he put down $2000 more and took his coat off and showed a picture of his brother. Hahahaha. A bit dark, but creative.

The next one was Fire in Cardboard City. A fire started in the middle of the street in the city and of course, the Fire Department was called upon. It’s all animated and everything and everyone is made of cardboard. Let’s just say they had a hard time putting out the fire. Lol.

The next movie was Home Shopper. An accidental murder of her husband shows the usefulness of all the things the wife bought on the Home Shopping Network. Hahaha. Bloody and graphic.

HER was the next one. About spousal abuse and how the daughter saves her mother.

The next movie was Two Strangers Who Met Five Times. My favorite movie and my favorite actor Laurence Spellman of all the Shorts I watched. About a man who starts out to be a jerk to a guy at an ATM called a “Cashpoint” in England. (I learned something new). The guy in front of him was taking longer than usual and they got in a verbal altercation. Later the same jerk is shown going for an interview. All goes well until he has to meet the owner who, yep was the guy he was rude to at the Cashpoint. Next scene, a few years later the jerk is homeless and humble begging for change. Along comes the owner of the business and at first doesn’t really remember him, but the jerk turned humble beggar does remember him saying he denied him a job with his company and that he was right to reject him. The owner goes away to get some money (at a Cashpoint) and he comes back with two weeks’ worth of money to help the homeless guy. Next scene many years later when they are both old and the business owner can no longer talk but seems otherwise well, and the volunteer that is there to help along with others, is the jerk/humble beggar, with glasses on and older and smiling and they both recognize each other. He’s happy to help the x business owner. The last scene is the two guys, boys. They are playing in the sand on the beach making sandcastles when the jerk’s mother comes and pulls him away saying “You might catch germs.” An amazing story is done quite well. Laurence Spellman was so believable in each scene.

The next Short is called Someone. Set in WWII in Germany during the war about a young lady who was raped by a Russian soldier and given a chance to point out who he was to the soldier would be punished, and decided not to say who it was to be someone who “stops the madness.”

The next movie was called Cuchotage about two language interpreters who are a bit bored with their job and compete to get a lady to become interested in them. While it was a good story, it was obvious what was going to happen.

The next movie was called Fauve about two boys playing in an abandoned surface mine competing for points to win at their own game. It reminded me of my own childhood of getting into things we shouldn’t be getting into and throwing rocks at each other. Just being curious boys in other words. One boy though dies because he gets caught in quicksand/cement. It’s about how the other boy reacts. A touching and sad story.

The next short was called Lacrimosa. A very creative movie about a woman’s lost love.  

It sure was fun watching all those Short movies. Just $10 each for the tickets.





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