Go From Extra to Extraordinary In Your Marriage

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Who’s this blog post for? It’s for anyone that is married that wants to go from doing to the extra mile to Extraordinary in their marriage. You may already have a great marriage, and if you do, my heartfelt congratulations to you. You know that marriage is something you have to work at, it’s not something that comes automatically. Well, at least an extraordinary one anyhow.

My wife is the one who has taught me the power of going beyond the extra mile. Most people don’t even go the extra mile, and to find one that goes beyond that extra mile to the Extraordinary, is simply amazing! I always feel that examples of how to apply things are very helpful, so let’s get some examples going:

  • It’s one thing to cook your spouse a good meal, it’s another to make it special. There’s a number of things you can do to make a good meal special. If you make a meal for his/her lunch, include a love note in with it. That’s going the extra mile. When they come home with their containers, take the initiative to wash the containers for your spouse also.  Or as your spouse is cooking a meal for you, take the initiative and help him/her clean up while they are cooking, leaving much less for them to do later. That’s the extra mile. Doing the extraordinary. Thank your spouse for that hard work in cooking the meal with a good massage or if they like baths draw them their bath water for them and get the bathroom all set up for them to relax. Maybe a nice diffused essential oil scent. A fresh bath towel. Their favorite lotion ready to be used.
  • Breakfast in bed. Cook your spouse breakfast and serve it in bed. That’s the extra mile. The Extraordinary: Having a flower in a small vase served with breakfast (just like you see them do on TV) and be sure to clean up after breakfast too.
  • Communication: In case you haven’t noticed yet men, women love to talk. And they love to be listened to. Instead of plopping your butt down on the couch with a beer and watching TV when you get home from work, keep the TV off, and serve your spouse a beverage they enjoy and talk. Make eye contact. Really listen and engage.  That’s the extra mile. The extraordinary:  Ask your spouse what you can do to be a better husband/wife and then be sure to work on that area they mention. Be sure not to create an argument out of this. Listen, meditate of what your spouse is saying, and respond by doing it. Realize that change might take time. Some changes can happen instantly. Be aware of the two.
  • Learn your spouses love language and your own too by reading  The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. That’s the extra mile. The Extraordinary: Read it together.





  • Date your spouse. Oh, you think your dating days are past you after you got married? Not if you want to have an extraordinary marriage. Date your spouse once a month. That’s the extra mile. The Extraordinary: Once a week.

Love! There’s nothing like it!
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I hope some of these examples help. I’d love to read some more examples of things you’ve done to make your marriage extraordinary. Please leave me a comment below.



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