What will you do without your pills?

What will you do without your pills?

In today’s modern lifestyle have you ever stopped and asked yourself “What did people do before there were pills?”

Have you ever watched one of those pharmacy commercials on Television that tell you about the latest and greatest pill? A pill for breathing easier, a pill for anxiety, a pill for erection dysfunction. On and on. GREAT, right? Wrong. Because towards the end of those miracle drug pills is the disclaimers of some of the many things that your body could react to in taking these pills. All the way from Diarrhea to death and everything in-between.

As one stand up comedy show I watched said. “My cousin Lewie has the hook up on different drugs taken from his Doctor. He gave him a purple pill which causes a very hard erection. Well, the man needed this and took it from his cousin. Went home and right before sex, he took the pill. Sure enough it worked. It was great! No problem getting it up at all. As he was going at it with his wife, his stomach started feeling a little funny. Then it started cramping, then suddenly diarrhea hit, uncontrollable diarrhea! Yeah…right there in the middle of the act!, what a mess! He didn’t read the side effect on the bottle that said “might cause severe diarrhea. See your Doctor if this happens.”

Funny! But not so funny if you have to choose between the two. Not funny with other severe effects on the body. Helping one thing while causing another problem else where.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against medicine or Doctors. What I am against is when we take a medication that can cause other health issues when there are natural alternatives that cause ZERO side effects.
What I am against is vaccinations that have not been proven effective or safe when we could be building up our God given immune system in a natural way.

Long before there were pills there were herbs, essential oils, and prayer.
Today’s modern World has almost lost these natural wonders in bringing relief.
See I can’t even use the word “healing” because the FDA would come down on me and others card if we said “This Herb or oil can heal you”. What ever happened to freedom of the press and speech in the USA anyhow?

How is it that cigarettes are approved by the FDA when they are proven to contain known chemicals that can cause cancer but a person that knows of a natural substance that can help a person can’t say “cure”? I think it has to be all about the $$$.

The next time something comes up in your life, find out instead what Essential oils and herbs can do for you instead. Educate yourself, because the FDA will not.

Wishing you more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life!


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