Vegas Time? See How The House Is Favored Before Playing

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We all know that there is a reason why Vegas Casinos are so large. It’s because the “House” or Casino has a greater chance of winning. But we play anyhow, for the entertainment and hope to hit it big.





House Edge Highest to Lowest

Roulette: 5.26%

Pai Gow Poker: 2.8%

Crap’s: 1.41%

Baccarat 1.06%

Blackjack: 0.5%

Slot Machines House edge: 2%-15%.

If you’re going to gamble, a “must” to do is decide before you go how much you’ll spend on gambling. If for example, you say “I’m going to allow myself to spend $1000 total in gambling during the three days I’m in Vegas,” then you must stick with the $1000.  If you go and don’t set an amount, you could lose everything you brought and much more seeing how it’s so easy to get access to funds through credit cards and debit cards. Don’t do it! Stick with your predetermined amount, no matter what. Seeing how the House has much better odds than you do in winning, go with the attitude of “Entertainment” rather than getting something for nothing, which while can happen; more than likely it will not.

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