Success Methods by Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth Pearson in This is Us)- Success Leaves Clues Series

In the Magazine Good Housekeeping, This is Us star who plays Beth Pearson goes over some really great success steps that she uses.

#1 Practice Having What You Want To Achieve

“What I did was try to become the person I wanted to be in the future.”

“There is no better place than now. So if I wanted to feel something in my future, I’d bring it into the present. How can I incorporate the principles that I want in my future into my life now? You have to practice the life you want, regardless of what the circumstances are.”

#2 Your Circumstances Don’t Dictate Your Value

She dropped a gold coin in the dirt and looked at it and it taught her a lesson. Even though the coin was surrounded by dirt, it didn’t make the coin any less valuable.  It’s the same with our circumstances. Your value is the same whether in are in the place you want to be or not.

#3 Let Your Dreams Chase You Down

Let others who are around you that are doing great things inspire you, not diminish you. “It’s like a spiritual practice where you open up your heart so things feed you in the journey. I look back on this period of obstacles and it was clearly a strengthening time. Strengthen and prepare for the next level when God brings yours.

#4 Tell Your Day What Direction To Go In

Every morning pray and meditate. It gets you off to a good start.

# 5 Find Positive Personal Mottoes To Guide You

Find ones that speak to you

“Life should flow from you, not be happening to you. Let it flow from us and not let it toss us all over the place. There are things you cannot control, but you can find some balance in all of it.”

#6 Enjoy Getting Older But Don’t Get Old

“Stay active, stay involved, surround yourself with people who have a firm life and continue to laugh a lot.” Also, keep doing Yoga to stay limber.


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