5 People Who Became Instant Millionaires

Watch this incredible video from Mr. Luxury about 5 people who became instant Millionaires and then delve deeper into the stories I found of these people:


Number 5: Kevin Lewis (both of them). 

After the casino awarded Cincinnati resident Kevin Lewis a $1 million prize in its $3 Million Summer Giveaway, officials realized it was a mistake. The money was actually won by another man named Kevin Lewis. As a result, the true winner of the money was also rewarded with the grand prize from the night’s drawing.Aug 12, 2013

(It happened Aug 11, 2013)

Here’s a news video of one of the Kevin Lewis’s



Number 4:Nick Mead

You will NOT BELIEVE what he did with the gold bars he found!

Here’s a video about it by Forces TV


Here’s the actual video and audio of him discovering the gold!



Number 3: Peter Whatling and Eric Lawes

The Roman Treasure was discovered in a farm field about 1.5 miles SW of the village of Hoxne in Suffolk on November 16, 1992. The Tenant farmer Peter Whatling had lost a hammer and asked his friend Eric Lawes who is a retired gardener and amateur metal detectorist to help look for it. The treasure is now in the British Museum in London Room 49.

Here’s more about the treasure that was found:


Number 2: Mel Fisher Scuba diver finding a Spanish ship’s treasure!


Number 1: Sodeto Spain

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