Are You In A Desperate Place In Your Life Right Now?


Are you in a desperate place in your life right now? 

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We’ve heard it said time and again. “You are in charge of your happiness.” We sure are in charge of our happiness and we have read and heard this over and over. But what if you’re still not happy? There’s something that very few addresses, and I want to here. And that is The Joy of The Lord. The joy of the Lord goes beyond making yourself happy although it can make you feel happy. The joy of the Lord is something that only comes from Him. He is the source of it. It goes way beyond going on shopping sprees, new clothes, a new TV or cell phone, a new car, a new house, a new husband/wife. These things bring temporary happiness and even joy, but they are not lasting. Not even the best husband and wife. No, the joy of the Lord surpasses all of these. Let me give you an example of the joy of the Lord: All of your personal life is in an upheaval. You’ve lost your job, your wife is leaving you, and soon you’ll have no place to live as the house you own is behind in the mortgage and if you miss just one more payment you know that foreclosure is coming! Upsetting, to say the least, right? Yet, this thing called The Joy of The Lord is there deep inside of you. He placed it there because of His abundant love for you. When you look to Him, it is activated. It’s like the switch was off, and you felt all this pressure and turmoil, and then you look to Him, and the light switch is turned on! You feel a peace, a calming, and the Word of God comes to you. He reminds you of one of His names. El Roi. Hagar whose whole life changed when Sarah was so hard on her that Hagar ran out of the place they stayed and felt so rejected (because she was). God came to her and let her know she was with child and that her child would be the start of a very large nation. She called God El Roi “the God who sees me.” God sees you. You are not alone. He knows your every circumstance. Your family may have rejected you, your wife or husband left you, all the things you worked hard for maybe about ready to go to the wayside, or have already gone to the wayside. Yet God sees YOU. He cares about you and will see you through during your most desperate of times. And not only that, He will make things better! He did for Hagar and her son, and HE will for you too. Look to Him and know the joy of the Lord.

Perhaps you don’t know God yet. I’d like to lead you to Him, so you can have a personal relationship with Him. Pastor Greg Laurie from Harvest Church in Riverside, California explains well “How to know God.” Take some time and listen and respond to his message.


God bless you!

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