How to get what you really want

How to get what you really want

First, when there’s nothing but a slow glowing dream
That your fear seems to hide deep inside your mind
All alone I have cried silent tears full of pride
In a world made of steel, made of stone

Well I hear the music, close my eyes, feel the rhythm
Wrap around, take a hold of my heart

What a feeling, bein’s believin’
I can’t have it all, now I’m dancin’ for my life
Take your passion, and make it happen
Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life


Now I hear the music, close my eyes, I am rhythm
In a flash it takes hold of my heart

[chorus (with … “now I’m dancing through my life”)]

What a feeling

What a feeling (I am music now), bein’s believin’ (I am rhythm now)
Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life
What a feeling (I can really have it all)
What a feeling (Pictures come alive when I call)
I can have it all (I can really have it all)
Have it all (Pictures come alive when I call)
(call, call, call, call, what a feeling) I can have it all
(Bein’s believin’) bein’s believin’
(Take your passion, make it happen) make it happen
(What a feeling) what a feeling… [to fade]


So..just how do with do this? How do we get rid of the fear in our heart and grasp the vision and feel it? How do we get what we really want? (What ever that might be).

It is indeed through vision, feelings, and action.

The song gives a great hint “pictures come alive when I call.”

What ever “it” is that you want you must envision it first. Not just haphazardly either. Napoleon Hill in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” talks about having a “burning desire”.  How bad do you want it? You must create this burning desire Mr. Hill talks about for the purpose of vision and feeling. When you have a burning desire, you will see it all during your day and night. You’ll even dream it! You’ll breathe it until you have it in your possession.

There are a few practical ways of doing this to keep your vision in front of you daily. You’ll want to buy “Mind Movies” and watch it while on your computer.  You’ll also want to write it on a 3×5 card and carry it with you or put it somewhere where you’ll be when away from your computer and read it at least three times a day.

Hold the vision in your mind and see it as if you ALREADY have attained it. See it AND feel it for as long of amount of time you can each time you see your vision.

For example, let’s say it’s your vision to obtain One Million Dollars. You would envision you already in possession of One Million Dollars and imagine how you would feel. How would you feel if you suddenly were awarded One Million Dollars?  Once you have the feeling, use that feeling over and over as you envision what you want.

Another example. You want to be a great speaker. Envision yourself in front of thousands of people. People hungry to learn what you know. They are on the edge of their seats with pen and notebook in hand, hanging on your every words. Heads are nodding as they hear you deliver your speech. You see it in their faces they are “getting it”. It feels great to make such a difference in their lives! It feels great to be on that stage sharing your knowledge with others.

Hold that vision, feel the feelings.

Another thing to increase those feelings is music such as the one I posted on this blog, or what ever music might inspire you to have feelings of success.

Another thing that could rouse the emotions is scent. I’d recommend Sacra Frankinsence sold by Young Living. It is said to bring spiritual enlightenment. It’s been used for thousands of years for this very purpose.

Now it’s time to take inspired action. Take it one step at a time until you have reached your vision.

Since we are talking now about “taking action” I must include this article by Zig Zigger:

Discipline Is a Beautiful Word by Zig Ziglar

In today’s social climate many people look with disfavor on the word discipline because they simply do not understand that discipline means “to instruct or educate, to inform the mind, to prepare by instructing in correct principles and habits.” No one who achieves greatness does so without discipline. Sybil Stanton, in her beautiful book The Twenty-Five Hour Woman, accurately states that “discipline is not on your back, needling you with imperatives; it is at your side, nudging you with incentives.” It’s true that when you discipline yourself to do the things you need to do, when you need to do them, the day’s going to come when you can do the things you want to do, when you want to do them. It’s also true that life is tough, but when you are tough on yourself, life will be infinitely easier on you.

Today many people want to be free to do as they please, but consider this: If you take the train off the tracks, it’s free, but it can’t go anywhere. Take the steering wheel out of the automobile and it’s under the control of no one, but it is useless. The reality is that until the sailor disciplines himself to be obedient to the compass, he will have to stay within sight of shore. However, once he is obedient to that compass, he can go anywhere in the world the sailboat will take him. Yes, discipline is the missing ingredient that will make the difference in your life. Discipline yourself today so you can have a better life tomorrow.

That means I really will SEE YOU AT THE TOP!


As you do this doors of opportunity will open to you that never have before. You’ll meet others that will help you to get where you are going. Keep seeing, feeling, and doing in a disciplined manner and never ever giving up! You have arrived!

Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life,

Dexter Black


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