That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

When I was out driving today I got “stuck” behind a school bus dropping off children and it was on a single lane highway.

At first I was mildly irritated like most people get when they are trying to get somewhere and are delayed….that was until I actually started watching the elementary school age children getting off the bus.

First sight was of a little boy. He jumped off the bus quickly and ran half way down the drive way with his thick jacket on and back pack on his back into the arms of his mama waiting for him. I could see the joy on both their faces.

Then I seen another little boy dropped off and he ran just as fast his little legs would go to around his house to the back door.

Then I seen 4 little girls dropped off and they were all smiles running home!

Watching these kids run home to their parents really gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Do you get that type of warm fuzzy feeling when you get home  with your  spouse when she/he is home?

Make it an intention that if it’s you at home and your spouse comes home, greet him or her with a warm smile and a big hug. Create that warm and fuzzy feeling and you and your spouse will fall even deeper in love than ever.

Side note: Good for kids to do too.

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Dexter Black

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