My Battle With Soda

What Happens When We Drink Soda

I use to drink Pepsi like it was about to be sold out forever!

I started drinking Pepsi when I was about 10 years old and loved it! The older I got the more I loved it. Going to 7-11 and getting an ice-cold big gulp on a hot day out in sunny California. Ahhhhh, so good.  A Big gulp in one hand while riding my bike with the other.

Flash to my adult years in sunny California in the High Desert. I was still enjoying my Pepsi at that time in my late 30’s. It was so hot in the high desert and I would drink a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi at one sitting and want more. This was beyond liking it, I was addicted. But I figured hey, at least I’m not getting drunk; right?  It was also during this time that I was very overweight and I started to focus on making some changes.  I started out by walking around the block, but no way was I giving up my Pepsi!

Early in my 40’s I started really focusing on health, what to eat, what not to eat, what to drink, etc.  I decided there was room for change in my life and I better do it. I was challenged by my friend (at the time, now my wife) to stop drinking Pepsi. My first reaction was “I can’t stop drinking Pepsi” and she said “sure you can!”  You know…I thought; she’s right, I can!  And I did!

At first, I went through actual withdraws. I’d was looking longingly at a Pepsi machine as I took my daily walk.  Whenever a Pepsi delivery truck passed by me, I would start slobbering.  Hahaha. I can laugh about it now, but back then; during that first week, it was a bit hard.  But after a couple of weeks’ time, I started to be “okay” without it.  Then as a few months went on, I was for sure good without it.

Today, I no longer drink Pepsi; I drink Coke. hahaha, No I’m kidding!! Actually Pepsi or any soda is too sweet. I’ve tried it here and there, and I can’t even drink Pepsi at all anymore. It tastes like horrible medicine. Once in a great while, I’ll have a half can of orange soda. Even that, has become so sweet to me; I really don’t even desire it.

After reading the chart above, it really reinforces how bad soda is for the body.

I encourage you today if you’re a soda drinker to stop drinking it. Your first reaction might be like mine “I can’t stop drinking soda!”  But you can!

I hope you will…

Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life,

Dexter Black

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2 Responses to My Battle With Soda

  1. Jimmy says:

    So much info in so few words. Totlsoy could learn a lot.

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