Prayers are being answered!

About every other week I have a home Bible study. My church calls them “Life Groups” which I love that name. I added to the name for our group to: “Life Group-Expect Miracles” which made me love the name even more.

Our group which averages about 7 to 8 per meeting has been expecting miracles and we have not be disappointed!

Prayers are being answered!

Before I share with you the prayers that have been answered, I want to tell you how we are doing it.

We have prayer cards.  They are colorful index cards that have four categories:

1. Someone you would like saved: Written on the top of the card SAVED (Past tense as if they are already).

2. Inner Growth

3. Something you need or want

4. Wild Card: For what ever request

Also you will want to get a sheet of paper and keep track of your own prayer requests, date, and who you gave the card to.

So you take your four cards and fill out your prayer requests and the other group members do the same.  Then you decide who you will give them to. (Try to give only 1 per person. Spread it around).

Then keep those prayer cards where you will see them daily and pray for your groups needs.  It’s a wonderful an easy way to remember to pray and what/who to pray for.

I give God all the credit for this idea that is working very well for our Life Group.

So the top left of the card you put your own name.  Center top you put the subject (1 of 4)  Top right you put the person’s name you are going to give it to, that you would like to be praying.

Center below the subject put the date you made the prayer card

Write your prayer request on the card

At the bottom put “Date Answered:”

Every other week, each person takes turns to ask each other if the prayer card request has been answered or not. If it has, have an index box and put the date on the card that the prayer was answered and put it in the box. Have this box every meeting in the center of your table.  Keep filling the box each time a prayer request is answered.

This will help your group see that God does hear prayers and answers them. This is a great encouragement because some prayers take longer than others to be answered. This is a great reminder that God IS listening.

Okay, so just last Saturday we actually had three prayer requests (cards) answered! (And put in the box)

While I can’t tell you each and every prayer answered (there is a total of 11 now answered) for privacy reasons, I can share some of them with you; and they are very exciting!

We were praying for one dear sister to have a better relationship with her children and God answered that prayer.

There was a very sick man with Pancreatic Cancer that was totally healed!

God has also answers prayers of inner growth for many of our members, for greater empathy, and a closer walk with Him.

Financial needs have been met for those we have prayed for also.

And last but not least, others we have prayed for have given their lives to Jesus.

It is so exciting to see how God is answering prayers!

I hope this encourages your group or Bible study to make your own prayer cards also!

Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life,

Dexter Black







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