Bad News 1/3 of Adult Americans & 17% of Children are obese. Good news, Chocolate to the Rescue!

The Bad News is “One-third of adult Americans and 17% of children and adolescents are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control.”

The Strange Good News is you can actually lose weight by eating and drinking chocolate. No, not your store bought chocolate that contains processed sugars, fillers, waxes and the such, but through a chocolate made by MXI Corp. called Xocai. (Sho- Sigh).

Xocai chocolate is actually healthy for you because of the way it’s processed and some natural berries added to it (Acai and blueberry). Xocai healthy chocolate is cold pressed unlike store-bought chocolate that is heated so high that it loses a lot of the natural anti-oxidants and flavanoids found in cocoa. Xocai while it still has sugar in it, is cane sugar.

You would think that a “healthy” chocolate would taste horrible, right? Wrong. Xocai is the best dark chocolate I’ve ever had. It’s that good!

So, if you or your child is overweight or obese, and you are ready to get healthy, click here to get started now:

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