Fear Stops You From Leaping

Fear Stops You From Leaping

The following is from Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success. It was SO GOOD that I had to share it with you. You might want to also join Six Minutes to Success like I have and start your morning out with some wisdom and inspiration. Here it is:

Hello there and welcome. Do you know I talk to a lot of people–and of course I’m
always talking about success, about personal growth, development, working on the
mind—and I meet a lot of people that would really love to step out and make
something big happen. In fact I just wrote the foreword for a book, “Caught Between a
Dream and A Job”.
Why won’t a person step out and really take it to the next level? Make a big change.
The reason is they hit what’s called a ‘terror barrier’. That’s right. When you go to make
an enormous change, you’re moving into an area you’ve never been before. And
because you’ve never been there, you’re dealing with the unknown. And it’s just like
you’ll walk right into a wall of fear— and doubt, fear and anxiety set in instantly and
you’ll have a tendency to go right back into bondage. In other words: doing the things
you’ve always done. Don’t do that. Life is very, very short and the older you get the
more you realize just how short it is.
If there’s something that you want to do, if you want to make a big change, I want to
encourage you to go for it. Don’t worry about what anybody else thinks, follow your
heart. What is your heart telling you to do? That’s where you want to go. Listen, if you
fall, if you fail, you can always get up and start again. Don’t let failure or falling slow you
down. Step out and bet on the surest thing in the world— and that’s you.

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