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Dexter Black uniquely made by The Creator shares lost forgotten secrets in living a life filled with Wealth and Riches in every area of life.

The Wealth and Riches blog focuses on:

1. Blessed in knowing God
2. Blessed in Health
3. Blessed in Relationships
4. Blessed with More Than Enough Money

Once only known by Kings, Queens, and Emperors,
Dexter has discovered using Essential Oils going back in history to Biblical and Egyptian times, to bring emotional and physical well-being into one’s life.
Also, a red berry that the Chinese have used for centuries to keep one’s body healthy and energetic and even cause long life has been discovered. (Most who eat this berry live into their 100’s & still are very active). Dexter has used it to bring his own blood pressure down and keep his energy level up without spiking and dropping like so many energy drinks of today.

Dexter is 58 years old and happily married to his beautiful wife Mae.

Dexter’s motto: “Life is an Adventure”

Dexter’s favorite quote: “All our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Dexter believes that knowledge and wisdom can be learned from past experiences that people have had and so loves collecting quotes. Plus he has a few quotes he’s created also. They can be found here:Quotes to Inspire.
Dexter enjoys being online socializing on facebook, helping others in finding their own Wealth and Riches, camping, reading, movies, and traveling in the USA and throughout the world.

Some of Dexter’s favorite books are The Bible, Rhinoceros Success, and Think and Grow Rich.

Dexter’s Spiritual Gifts are Prayer, Healer, Encourager, Discernment.

Some places he’s traveled thus far outside of the United States are The Philippines, Hong Kong, and Canada.

Dexter Black is available for speaking engagements at churches only at this time and one on one appointments.

You may contact him by email at dexterdblack@comcast.net

Or call and leave a voicemail at 717-604-1277

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